Multiple Parameter Sensor


Monitoring multiple parameters, such as organics and nitrates, with a single sensor is practical and affordable using Real Tech’s Spectrum sensors. Using multiple wavelength or full scanning analysis, each parameter is monitored using a unique calibration. Additional wavelengths are monitored and used for each calibration to compensate for background inference and overlap, ensuring accurate and precise measurements are obtained for each parameter. Using a single sensor, both capital and annual expenditure is lowered, increasing value.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple parameter analysis with a single sensor
  • Instant results, no waiting for the laboratory
  • No reagents involved
  • Simple to operate, no sample preparation

Models and Specifications

Model TOC (mg/L) BOD (mg/L) COD (mg/L) NO3 (mg/L) Path Length
PL2010.Multi0-1000 0-12750-2400 0-320 1 mm Interchangeable
PL2020.Multi0-500 0-640 0-1200 0-160 2 mm Interchangeable
PL2040.Multi0-250 0-320 0-600 0-80 4 mm Interchangeable
PL2080.Multi 0-125 0-160 0-300 0-40 8 mm Interchangeable
PL3500.Multi 0-20 0-25 0-50 0-6 50 mm

*Multiple parameter analysis is dependent on range and application. Contact Real Tech for more information.

Most Recommended: Real Spectrum PL2080