Real Nitrate Sensor


Monitoring nitrates in real-time for drinking water and wastewater is straight forward and affordable with Real Tech’s nitrate sensors. Using the UV absorption measurement principle, precise, accurate and reliable data can be obtained without the use of reagents or complex sample preparation. This simple and effective method saves time and labour, providing a practical solution for many real-time nitrate monitoring applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous online nitrate measurement
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Proven UV absorption measurement principle
  • Practical and affordable monitoring system
  • Reagentless operation
  • Low operating costs with long lamp life
  • Reliable Split-Sense Pro technology
  • Various measurement ranges (mg/L)

Models and Specifications: Multiple Wavelength

Model NO3 (mg/L) NO3-N (mg/L)NO2 (mg/L) Path Length
GL2010.Nitrate0-320 0-800-2401 mm Interchangeable
GL2020.Nitrate0-160 0-400-1202 mm Interchangeable
GL2040.Nitrate0-80 0-200-604 mm Interchangeable
GL2080.Nitrate0-40 0-100-258 mm Interchangeable
GL3500.Nitrate0-6 0-1.30-550 mm

Most Recommended: Real Nitrate GL2040

Models and Specifications: Full Scanning

Model NO3 (mg/L) NO3-N (mg/L) NO2 (mg/L) Path Length
PL2010.Nitrate0-320 0-800-2401 mm Interchangeable
PL2020.Nitrate0-160 0-400-1202 mm Interchangeable
PL2040.Nitrate0-80 0-200-604 mm Interchangeable
PL2080.Nitrate0-40 0-100-258 mm Interchangeable
PL3500.Nitrate0-6 0-1.30-550 mm