Real Spectrum Sensor


The Spectrum sensors offer the ideal solution for event monitoring or contaminant alarming. Using real-time spectral absorbance data, the sensor establishes a baseline or “norm” for the specific water source. Alarms are set for deviation that occurs from the established/learnt baseline, classified as an uncharacteristic event. Models can be continually enhanced and updated to incorporate factors such as multiple source waters, seasonality, or process changes which will in turn limit the probability of false positives. With various spectrum sensor models and options, a customized solution can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time continuous UV-VIS absorbance analysis
  • Multiple wavelength or full scanning options
  • Ideal for event detection or modeling a water source
  • Alarms for deviation from expected values
  • Wastewater to high purity models

Models and Specifications: Full Scanning

Model Range (Abs/cm) Path Length
PL20100 – 13 1 mm Interchangeable
PL20200 - 6.5 2 mm Interchangeable
PL20400 - 3.25 4 mm Interchangeable
PL20800 - 1.6 8 mm Interchangeable
PL35000 - 0.26 50 mm

Most Recommended: Real Spectrum PL2080

Models and Specifications: Multiple Wavelengths

Model Range (Abs/cm) Path Length
GL20100 – 13 1 mm Interchangeable
GL20200 - 6.5 2 mm Interchangeable
GL20400 - 3.25 4 mm Interchangeable
GL20800 - 1.6 8 mm Interchangeable
GL35000 - 0.26 50 mm