Real UV BOD/COD Sensor


Real Tech’s UV BOD/COD sensors offer the most practical and accurate method for monitoring BOD and COD in real-time. The results are instant, meaning data can be used to make immediate adjustments and improve upstream or downstream processes. Real-time data can also be used for assurance of effluent water quality prior to discharging to the environment or municipal sewer system. The robust sensor designs and optional automatic chemical cleaning system keep maintenance to a minimum while improving performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time continuous BOD and COD analysis
  • Instant results, no waiting for the laboratory
  • Reagent free, low operating costs
  • No sample preparation, simple to operate
  • Optional chemical clean system lowers maintenance

Models and Specifications: Full Scanning

Range can be extended up to 127,500 mg/L BOD and 240,000 mg/L with Dilution System.

Model BOD (mg/L) COD (mg/L) Path Length
PL2010.BOD0-1275 0-2400 1 mm Interchangeable
PL2020.BOD0-640 0-1200 2 mm Interchangeable
PL2040.BOD0-320 0-600 4 mm Interchangeable
PL2080.BOD0-160 0-3008 mm Interchangeable

Most Recommended: Real UV BOD/COD PL2020

Models and Specifications: Multiple Wavelength

Model BOD (mg/L) COD (mg/L) Path Length
GL2010.BOD0-1275 0-2400 1 mm Interchangeable
GL2020.BOD0-640 0-1200 2 mm Interchangeable
GL2040.BOD0-320 0-600 4 mm Interchangeable
GL2080.BOD0-160 0-3008 mm Interchangeable

Models and Specifications: UV254

Model BOD (mg/L) COD (mg/L) Path Length
SL2010.BOD0-1275 0-2400 1 mm
SL2020.BOD0-640 0-1200 2 mm
SL2040.BOD0-320 0-600 4 mm
SL2100.BOD0-130 0-240 10 mm
SL3000.BOD0-130 0-240 10 mm x 20 mm