Real UV TOC Sensor


The UV TOC sensors from Real Tech offer an affordable and accurate solution for real-time TOC monitoring. Unlike tradition TOC analyzers, the UV sensors use no reagents, lowering the cost of ownership and maintenance. The measurement principle is simple, allowing the sensor to operate reliably for an extended period of time without the need for intervention, improving uptime. With various models available, solutions for TOC monitoring can be obtained for wastewater to high purity applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time continuous TOC analysis
  • Proven UV absorption method
  • Reagentless operation lowers cost of ownership
  • Simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • Various concentration ranges available

Models and Specifications

Model TOC (mg/L) Path Length
SL2010.TOC0-1000 1 mm
SL2020.TOC0-500 2 mm
SL2040.TOC0-250 4 mm
SL2100.TOC0-100 10 mm
SL3000.TOC0-100 10 mm x 20 mm
SL3500.TOC0-20 50 mm
SL4000.TOC0-4250 mm