Real UV254 Portable Meter


The UV254 Portable meters from Real Tech lead the way in portable organics testing. Benefiting from Spilt-Sense technology, the instruments have a unique memory calibration feature which allows the meters to be used for an extended period of time before DI calibration is required. Operation is straight forward with accurate and repeatable results obtained in seconds. An optional Battery Pack allows for sampling anywhere, anytime.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Accurate and precise results within seconds
  • No zeroing to DI before each test with Calibration Memory
  • Rugged design for field testing
  • Optional Battery Pack for portability

Models and Specifications

Model UVT (%) UV254 (Abs/cm) Path Length
P0500-100 0 – 13 1 mm
P1000-100 0 - 6.5 2 mm
P1100-100 0 – 6.5 2 mm and 10 mm
P2005-100 0 - 1 10 mm
P30047-100 0 – 0.325 40 mm

Most Recommended: Real UV254 P200

Options and Accessories

  • Battery Pack