Real UV254 Probe Analyzer


The UV254 Probe analyzer was designed with wastewater applications in mind. The robust design and innovative Ortho-Beam technology provide accurate and stable readings in the most complex environments. The custom zero feature lowers maintenance, allowing the instrument to be calibrated without removing the probe from the channel. Combined with the automatic compressed air cleaning system, the system surpasses the competition in performance and ease of use.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time UV254 or UVT organics analysis
  • Robust submersible probe for in-situ measurement
  • Extremely stable output with Ortho-Beam Technology
  • Innovative custom zero feature limits maintenance
  • Wall mounted, easy to operate controller

Models and Specifications

Model UVT (%) UV254 (Abs/cm) Path Length
M150015-100 0 – 1 10 mm x 20 mm

Options and Accessories