Real Tech Inc.

Founded in 2004, Real Tech’s primary goal is to improve global water quality through the development of an innovative product line of both portable and real time continuous water quality analyzers, helping our clients take control and know what is in their water.

OUR VISION is to make water quality monitoring more practical, reliable and affordable, resulting in improved access to water quality monitoring around the world.

OUR TECHNOLOGIES provide an innovative approach to the inherent challenges with using light for water quality analysis (spectrophotometry) in the most simple and effective manner, creating a new generation of water quality monitoring devices.

OUR PRODUCT SOLUTIONS provide for the rapid and accurate detection of many common and emerging contaminants in water, such as organics and nitrates, while maintaining incredible ease of use and affordability.

OUR CLIENTS are the top priority at Real Tech. With clients in nearly 50 countries around the world including large and small municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, major water industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies, our focus is always on providing our clients with solutions for their unique needs.

OUR BENEFIT can be seen across many applications including, optimization of various water treatment processes improving efficiency and creating significant cost savings; ensuring increasingly stringent water quality guidelines and regulations are met; improving drinking water security; minimizing environmental pollution of waterways; and ensuring effective water reuse.

OUR PEOPLE make all the difference! We have built an incredibly talented and dedicated team providing us with many in-house capabilities while maintaining strong external partners, who all share our vision and truly care about our clients, and will always go the extra mile.

OUR RECOGNITIONS continue to grow as we do and we are so grateful. Real Tech has been the honoured recipient of numerous awards including Deloitte’s Technology Green 15 award which recognizes Canada’s leading Green Tech companies, for four consecutive years.

OUR FUTURE is very bright, as we continue to grow and create new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the water industry today and tomorrow, furthering our vision to make water quality analysis more attainable for all.