Real Tech’s unique patents, proprietary optical bench and software algorithms have resulted in our innovative and comprehensive optical sensor platform that provides our clients not only with customizable sensor options and accessories but customized software solutions with remote monitoring ability to bring the most value and reliability to their data. We can truly meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Our innovative technologies solve challenges with using light for water quality analysis (spectrophotometry) in the most simple & effective manner.


  • Light sources used in absorbance instruments have inherent fluctuations & drift
  • Industry solutions have had varying degrees of effectiveness & generally lead to added complexity, maintenance & expense


  • Our technologies solve challenges faced by other similar instrumentation
  • All patents and technologies relate to Real Tech’s ability to simply and effectively compensate for the instability and drift associated with volatile light sources


  • Multiple Path-length measurement technique allows testing without need for frequent calibration with DI water
  • Accounts for quartz fouling that is present in both path lengths
  • Lowers maintenance and operator intervention
  • Automatically compensates for lamp fluctuations and drift over time

Split-Sense Pro

  • Useful for real time analyzers that require very long or very short path lengths


  • Applicable to any portable or lab spectrophotometric instrument requiring grab samples
  • Allows for incredible accuracy and unique ability to use without recalibrating (zeroing) device before performing test (even after power down)

Proprietary Optical Bench (UV-VIS sensors)

  • Allows for full control over optics and customization to meet any client requirements
  • Customizable aspects include sensitivity level, wavelength resolution, wavelength range, dynamic range allowing for higher performance while also creating affordability